Day 14 – Big Picture Week, Day 4 – “What’s your dream…”

The big picture, hmmm… what is that exactly? When I decided to title this week as the “Big Picture”, for me personally it was about stepping away from the “to do” lists, the “little stuff” and viewing life from that birds eye view. What are the big themes to life, the things that internally make us tick, no matter what we are doing, where we are, and who we are with. What propels and guides your life?

I love the last line in “Pretty Woman” – “What’s your dream…”, for no matter how many times I have watched it, that line stills makes me “keep on dreamin”. As I have continued to step towards my visions and dreams, the people I look to for mentoring, and inspiration all say in one way or another – “Get specific and clear about what you really want!! See it in full digital color, feel it, breathe it, be it!” Thank you, Wayne Dyer, Mel Robbins, Mastin Kipp, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, Louis Hay, Les Brown, Dr. Christian Northrup, Eric Thomas, etc…. Daily you keep me going, picking me up on days like today when it is challenging.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin

So if like a bird, I fly up and above my life and look down, what do I want to see? Even bigger and more important, what do I want to feel when I am living this dream? All these wise teachers, guide that you must embody the sensations you will feel if you are already living the dream. Next comes ACTION, every day, from little things to massive action. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to get there!! What I love about the amazing people I look to, is that most of them went through a struggle to get where they are now. Many of them hit financial rock bottom, felt or were truly alone, stumbled along the way, and some rose above incredible odds. 

On days like today, man oh man, I am grateful for their stories. I am tired, the 2:45am alarm came to early and my body and mind crave rest. Yet I know that I must persevere. I must keep taking action and have complete absolute faith. My eyelids shut and head bobs as my fingers rest on the keys, seriously!! I can feel my pillow, the warmth of covers, and it is a rainy chilly day, all the more reason to snuggle in and take a nap. Time for a STRONG cup of tea!! I must keep the fingers typing. I had hoped the workout would sustain my energy level, not today. After tea, let’s move to chewing gum, so I can blow bubbles, that will keep me going. Stand up, jumping jacks, a dance around the room – back to it, more words upon the page, for the book will not write itself!!

“There are 30,000 days in your life. When I was 24, I realized I’m almost 9,000 days down. There are no warm-ups, no practice rounds, no reset buttons. Your biggest risk isn’t failing, it’s getting too comfortable. Every day, we’re writing a few more words of a story. I wanted my story to be an adventure and that’s made all the difference.” ~ Drew Houston

I have started down this path so many times in my life, for the dream to be a successful published author has been there since I was a little girl. I wanted to be that National Geographic writer and photographer, travel the world, experience cultures, write deep stories.., oh I can still get excited about that idea. It is funny how life weaves for you aspects of your life tapestry that you never expected. I have grown to see them as unexpected adventures, not detours. After all, here I sit at fifty-two with a very diverse and interesting life to look at in my review mirror. Definitely a non-traditional journey full of stories, twists, turns, and blindspots.

There is something to that BIG picture perspective, for when I step back to view my options, I get real clear that I must step, for the other options “chill me”, they do not excite me. It is a “been there, done that, did not like that, will not lose myself again, thank you!!” perspective. I am not one who can “go through the motions, like a hamster on a wheel” thinking that someday I will get there or it will change. Basically “waiting” for life to happen to me, this is not for me.

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” ~Isaac Asimov

“So Fawn”, I say to myself, “You better keep typing and creating, for the book series you can’t wait to get out to the public will not manifest itself.” I can see it now on the bookstore shelves – “K.I.S.S. (Keep it sweetly simple series …), Happiness is really not that difficult!!” A six book series which very simply shares practices, stories, and ways of being that have helped to change my life. They are amazing teachings that I learned and created to shift my life into a vibrant, joyful,  peaceful way of being. Which means I better leave the blog page and get back to work on the first book. As I come to a close, one of my favorite songs from my youth hits me, “The Impossible Dream” –

What’s your BIG picture? If you looked down on your life from up above, do you like what you see? Is it how you want to keep living? It is after all YOUR life. Make sure you A.C.T (always choose truth) as you review and explore. See you tomorrow! 

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