The Power of Noticing!!

In the evolution of the self, it seems that the first thing to creating change begins in the NOTICING. Noticing when we react, noticing when we feel something different, noticing when our interactions become strained, etc….

As we come to a close in the first week of our exploration about REACTION versus CHOICE at The Beingness Project – it is wonderful to be reminded of how simple it can be. It all begins with Noticing! Then with a long deep slow breath we can recognize what is going on, stop it, and make an aware choice.

This is an empowering simple life changing action – Notice – Breathe – Choose – Journey with Us!


Reacting versus Choosing in our daily life

This week at The Beingness Project we have been digging into REACTION versus CHOOSING how we want to feel, engage, and BE in our life. It is so powerful to notice how often we react versus choosing how we want to be engaged in life.

I hope you will join us on this adventure – Family can be our Biggest Reaction Trigger

I am graced with an incredible family, however, there are times that I catch myself falling flat on my face in pure intense REACTION mode! Ugh..! Once I step away, breathe, and reflect, I become aware of how I took the situation into places it did not need to go.

What wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and choose something different!!

Cheers to noticing our moments of REACTION, so we can then CHOOSE what comes next!

The Journey Unfolds…

It has been a long time since I let words flow upon this page, for I have been working hard to find the courage to create and share what comes from my heart and soul. I have been blessed with such a glorious life journey, full of immense diversity, incredible people, and grand life lessons. Today’s entry is to thank you for journeying with me, for supporting, encouraging and enhancing my world/life.

I hope you will join me at “The Beingness Project” to come home to your true inner magnificence – The Beingness Project. For a sneak peek into what it is about, check out the YouTube introduction  – The Beingness Project Trailer.

I shall visit you here occasionally with random meandering thoughts, explorations, discoveries, etc… The raw stuff, which bubbles up from the soul and heart.

“In Choice, in Love, in Being, we can all come home to a deeper peace, joy, love and presence.” ~Fawn Caveney