Simply Fawn

I am… it is that simple.

In the grace of simplicity lies a rare and often forgotten seed. A seed that if nurtured and honored will sprout into freedom, passion, joy, peace, love and more….

In a world of cacophonous intensity we have forgotten what unifies us all –

A desire to love and be loved

Share in community

Play with joy

Be accepted and valued

Embrace peace

Live passionately with childlike curiosity and wonder…

When we choose to Simply BE our true self, the journey unfolds perfectly.

~Fawn Caveney

I know that when I come to the “About” page, I want to read the details about the person behind the scenes. I am curious as to how we might relate or be different, what I can learn, what in their life lends them to this creating and dispensing of information, products, service, etc…. So, let me try to succinctly share.

My childhood was a little unusual in that I grew up surrounded by 100,000 acres of State Forest land. This endowed me with the gift to flow with the seasons, explore myself deeply in the rich layers of silence, maintain a childlike curiosity and distance myself from my peers and the societal pressures of teenage life. I enriched this experience by spending my summers outside of Washington DC with my grandparents and going overseas in high school to spend a year in Australia as an exchange student.

I spent 28 years completing my bachelors degree. Curiosity and the love of learning flows through my veins, so I studied diverse subjects across four decades and four university campuses. Graduation day found me in my forties with two amazing children standing by my side. Bachelors degree in English – Secondary Ed. (teacher), Associates in Business Management/Travel Tourism and along the way Certified Integrative Health Coach.

I started dipping my toes into interpersonal growth/development and experiential education in my early twenties. Thirty five years later it continues to be who and what I am about. A calling that is passionately driven by the heartfelt desire for ALL to come home to their Magnanomous SELF. To Simply BE…

Along the path I have explored a plethora of professions and enjoyed numerous relationships, all serving to deepen my awareness and understanding. The tapestry of my life is colorful, full of hills and valleys, challenges and celebrations. I am always brought full circle to what matters most in life – Simply BEing ME. I can fill pages with the experiences that compose my life thus far, however, that will not serve you or me in this moment.

After years of teaching in various settings, working with clients, writing and sharing, I find myself joyfully uncovering the purest wisdom of all…Keep it sweetly simple (K.I.S.S.).

I invite you to take your time, get to know me, watch my videos, purchase an eBook, take a class… I can promise you, I will not take it personal if you decide I am not the right fit for you. If however, you do feel called to work with me there are a few different ways to engage and learn. I can’t wait to meet YOU!

5 thoughts on “About

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  3. I love your purpose: to help me discover my inner Beingness and the immense joy love, peace, health and grace within. I love your statement, “A solid quiet space … resides within all. It vibrates with a sensation to share, and express in sincere, humble, integrity.” You hit the nail on the head … that’s exactly why I blog! Thank you for clicking on my comment to Cristian thereby allowing me to find you. I’ll be back!!


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