Fawn Caveney

I wish to thank all the incredible photographers who share photos in Unsplash.com

Walking = In choosing to step forward, we keep our momentum in the present moment. Electing to be open to the possibilities and aware of that which we consciously choose.

Naked = Standing exposed, open, and completely present. Free of walls, attachments, expectations, secrets, or shame. Choosing to be vulnerable, with an open heart and soul. 

Truth = An inner knowing. A solid quiet space which resides within all. It vibrates with a sensation to share, and express in sincere, humble, integrity. Free of outside attachments, perceptions, expectations and judgments, it just is….

It is my personal belief that BEing our Naked Truth frees us to walk forth in life with passion, joy, and peace; open to the wonders of the world and each other. It un-encumbers us from staying stuck in victim, blame and shame. Embracing the truth propels us forward, walking towards a life of CHOICE.


Support my journey to BE with YOU…

My first goal is $6,000.00 – Gracing me to work full time for 3 months to complete:
 1 ~ “Just BE YOU” the fictional novel
 2 ~ Set up my first online course – TIPped Off – (TIP = Take It Personal) Living a life of CHOICE versus a Reactionary Life. 3 
~ Finish recording 21 Meditations to awaken your BEingness.

25.00 $

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  3. I love your purpose: to help me discover my inner Beingness and the immense joy love, peace, health and grace within. I love your statement, “A solid quiet space … resides within all. It vibrates with a sensation to share, and express in sincere, humble, integrity.” You hit the nail on the head … that’s exactly why I blog! Thank you for clicking on my comment to Cristian thereby allowing me to find you. I’ll be back!!


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