Day 55, Thank you 2017 – Calling all QUOTES for 2018!

I sit here realizing that this will be my last post for 2017, as always there is a bittersweetness when one chapter closes for another to open. 2017 graced me with profound, powerful lessons, teachings, experiences, and exciting becomings. It also gifted me with intensity, pain, challenge, inner will power, and raw authentic determination. It definitely was a year FULL to the max with life changing exploration and discovery.

I am so grateful. I smile from deep within as I reflect. Graced to dance in the 2017 New Year with my family in Michigan (see blog post to these closing days while looking ahead with great anticipation. As one who believes that “Life is happening for you”, I at moments feel I will literally burst as I look ahead, for I just know that wonders are unfolding. I may not yet be able to see them or know them concretely, but they are there!

“From my own experience, I want to say that you should follow your heart, and the mind will follow you. Believe in yourself, and you will create miracles.” ~Kailash Satyarthi

The deeper and more intensely I hug the “Who I Am” ( through taking action steps towards my dreams, the more I awaken to the incredible sense of awe, for life has a miraculous way of unfolding to manifest.

I am already dancing into 2018 with great jubilation, for I know it is going to be a massive year in so many ways – “how do I know”, you may ask? I just DO, it is going to be INCREDIBLE. When we start walking a life in line with our “Who I Am” and “Why”, it is like the billowing clouds line up to lead us straight into our own Shambhala. Is it an easy path? NO and YES! There are days of immense uncertainty, challenge, and questioning, where you feel like you are absolutely crazy. Then there are days where you are soaring higher than the eagles and no one can pop your balloon. The truth is, that once you walk a path in pure alignment with your authentic purposeful self, there is no turning back. The sensation of this genuine truth overwhelms and changes you forever.

“Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” ~Edwin Louis Cole

Is there clarity about what is next? No Way. Matter a fact, I am often surprised by what shows up around the corner. I shake my head and chuckle, “Didn’t see that one coming” – yet, always it is exactly what it was meant to be. One of the biggest lessons is to get out of your own way, for then the magic of the universe can come into view. Gratefulness and tear inducing gratitude flow forth like a river bursting its bank. Fear threatens to rip at your sleeves, however the soothing truth that all is “perfect” in the moment, calms and disperses the beast.

Part of the New Year for me and you, my reader, shall be a change in this blog. As I stated earlier I shall be shifting the format to a “Quote Interactive” journey. I am still wanting and needing your favorite quotes, my hat of folded up quotes needs more to choose from. Send me your faves! I would also love to know why you like them, if you are brave enough to share. You can get them to me through the comment section or email me at I am looking forward to this new experience upon the page. It will challenge me in a new way, opening me up as a writer, and connecting me to my readers. I thank you in advance for your amazing gracious interaction.

“This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.” ~C. S. Lewis

I don’t know how your 2017 unfolded, I hope it was full of vibrant gifts, joyful becomings, and loving grace. I humbly bow in gratitude for all the days you showed up to share time with me, I am truly touched. I can’t wait to step into all the magnificence of 2018. Happiest of New Year to you and yours!!

May you end the year and start the year being YOUR TRUTH with JOY.

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