Beingness Guide, Author, Speaker
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Walking = In choosing to step forward, we keep our momentum in the present moment, heading toward a future. Electing to be open to the possibilities and aware of that which we consciously choose.

Naked = Standing before all exposed, open, and completely present. Free of walls, attachments, expectations, secrets, or hiding. Choosing to be vulnerable, with an open heart and soul. A willingness to celebrate all that has been, that which is presently expressing and all that shall yet become.

Truth = An inner knowing. A solid quiet space which resides within all, a sensation willing to guide, share, and express in sincere, humble, integrity. Free of outside attachments, perceptions, expectations and judgments, it is.

It is my personal belief that being our naked truth frees us to walk forth in life with passion, joy, and peace; open to the wonders of the world and each other. It un-encumbers us from staying stuck in victim, blame and shame. Embracing the truth propels us forward, walking towards a life of CHOICE.

I share over thirty plus years of health, fitness, interpersonal and spiritual practices and teachings. Check out the graph below to see how we might relate –

JPEG How you might relate to me

My passionate mission is to help others discover their inner beingness of immense joy, love, peace, health and grace which awaits its homecoming!!




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