Domestication – Week 2 of The Beingness Project

Domestication is our journey this next week!

A HUGE topic to dip our toes into…

This weeks exploration into Domestication may be a bit unsettling, for we begin to see just how much of our life we live without questioning. Like our pets, we have been Domesticated, told what is “right” and “wrong”, how we should “behave”, what makes  life “successful”, how we should dress and BE…

During this week we shall celebrate the opportunity to see into our lives’ a bit more sincerely. How much of your life is dictated by societal norms, outside expectations, cultural beliefs and the bombardment of daily media???

If you are intrigued and want to play along with us this week, go to  – The Beingness Project, to read more and download the worksheet.

Join us in the Facebook group to share in the daily journey – The Beingness Project Facebook Page


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