NBC to Change Your Life…

For some of us, the above acronym will make us think of a news channel and or television station. While in actuality, I am using it in quite the opposite way. Hopefully if you embrace how I use it, you will not REACT while watching the NBC channel.

People underestimate the power of a breath taken with conscious thought. A deep slow inhale with an even longer exhale can gloriously warp time. It stops us long enough to  center our own BEING. In the new space cleared through the breath we can awaken a new clarity, understand and make wiser choices.

Don’t believe me! Try it out for yourself the next 21 days, see how aware you become of your REACTIONARY state and how empowered you become to CHOOSE. If you want to truly manifest change, go to The Beingness Project for a video and worksheet.

6 thoughts on “NBC to Change Your Life…

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