Reacting versus Choosing in our daily life

This week at The Beingness Project we have been digging into REACTION versus CHOOSING how we want to feel, engage, and BE in our life. It is so powerful to notice how often we react versus choosing how we want to be engaged in life.

I hope you will join us on this adventure – Family can be our Biggest Reaction Trigger

I am graced with an incredible family, however, there are times that I catch myself falling flat on my face in pure intense REACTION mode! Ugh..! Once I step away, breathe, and reflect, I become aware of how I took the situation into places it did not need to go.

What wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and choose something different!!

Cheers to noticing our moments of REACTION, so we can then CHOOSE what comes next!

One thought on “Reacting versus Choosing in our daily life

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