Day 40, “Walking Naked Truth”??

People are always so sweet when I share my business/blog name, they control their facial reactions and do not ask, “Why did you name it that?”; not wanting to offend or hurt my feelings. I welcome the inquiry and definitely will not take it personal – yet they refrain. Some check out my “About” page on my website ( or blog and get the short answer. Today I feel inclined to expand a bit, so you can maybe feel good about directing people to my “stuff”.

Walking = This bi-pedal mode of motion is rare in the creature world, so we have a unique musculoskeletal ability. Figuratively I like to question, do we use this gift to step into our future and the next moment, or do we stay stuck and frozen, or choose to walk in circles repeating our patterns of where we have already traveled. While it is lovely to carry the sweet memories of our past in our being, I am not sure it serves us to stay stuck in our past behaviorally; it is as though our feet are cemented to that experience or reaction. In choosing to step forward, we keep our momentum in the present moment, heading toward a future. Electing to be open to the possibilities and aware of that which we consciously choose. Thus, I see and feel “walking” as a flow of motion, an opportunity to step into our dreams, passions, joys, and loves. Expressing ourselves to the world through our way of walking – do we skip, drag, spin, dance, stand still, stomp, kick, jig.., how we engage in our lives is visibly expressed in our walk. How do you want to “Walk” forth in your life?

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” ~Hippocrates

Naked = We enter this world completely clothesless, bare and exposed. A blank canvas to be adorned and dressed. An empty white page, naked of ink, for the life story is yet to be written. Do we care when we are young if have clothes on? Are we self conscious about how we express ourselves in our bodies? Do we hide and feel ashamed of our physical form? In my life experience, I joyfully loved the innocent freedom of children with their bodies when I worked at a Daycare, they were so exuberant to express unabashedly. Then when I worked in a nursing home, I felt such sadness, for many of the patients felt dishonored in their forced exposure, due to personal capabilities. There were those rare special ones, who felt confident, peaceful, and accepting of their present life situation, they humbly with profound grace offered up their nudity without shame or fear. Naked to me represents full exposure, open, and completely present. Free of walls, attachments, expectations, secrets, or hiding. Choosing to be vulnerable, with an open heart and soul. A willingness to celebrate all that has been, that which is presently expressing and all that shall yet become. Do you cover yourself up with more than clothes?

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” ~Steve Jobs

Truth = Have you ever noticed how truthful a toddler or child is? They spew out whatever is true in that moment for them. They do this with such authentic sincerity, until they become “trained” on what is right or wrong to say, or are impacted by the cause and effect of their words and actions. As we grow, truth becomes lost behind a smoke screen of perceived and chosen attachments and expectations. Most people completely detach from their own inner knowing truth. “Truth” becomes a mirror of what we are told it should be, yet within each of us a solid quiet space resides, a force willing to guide, share, and express in sincere, humble, integrity. Our truth is free of outside attachments, perceptions, expectations and judgments, it is uniquely our own. In learning to hear and connect to it, we can “Walk” forth in full “Naked Truth” to be our passionate, expressive, dynamic, loving self. Do you know how to breathe into and hear YOUR truth?

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” ~Albert Einstein

Thus my business and blog name is “Walking Naked Truth”, for it is my personal belief that being our naked truth frees us to walk forth in life with passion, joy, and peace; open to the wonders of the world and each other. It unencumbers us from staying stuck in victim, blame and shame. Our bodies natural truth is to be healthy and happy, provided we care for and nourish it. Embracing the truth propels us forward, walking with awareness that we are at choice, our life is in our “hands, mind and heart”. Thus we step away from a REACTIONARY life to embrace a life of CHOICE.

“I don’t know what my path is yet. I’m just walking on it.” ~Olivia Newton-John

May today be a joyful expression of your “walking naked truth”, free of all inhibiting and limiting chains. A.C.T. (always choose truth) with unabashed joy, love, and passion – then experience what unfolds.

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