Day 36, “One Chunk At A Time…”

So, I sit here before the white page and ponder the many ideas that swirl around my brain – “What do I put to the page this morning?” I go back and forth between so many diverse things, for my whole being is swirling with all the ideas that pop forth. The random zooming of thoughts, “Do I talk about the next book, do I talk about the upcoming 21 Day Detox that I am so excited to share, do I discuss some deep thought and feeling around gratitude, or that each moment is a fragile experiment held in space…” I decide to just be honest with the moment, the truth of fears, the mental experience of overwhelm, and the vulnerable reality of “I don’t really know what shall unfold” – I am completely embraced in the free fall of faith and being true to my life calling/purpose.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

In just a month I will be sharing a 21 Day Detox with whomever signs up to experience the profound transformational journey. I get so excited when I think about it, for I know how GOOD you feel once you go through the 11 days of the detox. The body is such a miraculous machine, if we truly take care of it, the power it has to heal and gloriously care for us with grand energetic joy is phenomenal. I always wish for everyone to feel the pure grace of natural health!! In our increasingly unhealthy world, especially in the United States, so embarrassing when we know “better”, I ponder why we do not put our inner and outer self care higher on the “must do” list. If we are not healthy, everything we experience gets tainted and pulled down.

I digress, for the blog began with “One Chunk At A Time…” As I look at all I wish to get done and present before the Detox, I begin to think I am crazy. Yet, if I chunk it out one piece at a time it can be done with focused TLC and determination. As I work on the Detox project, I keep plugging away on book two, have three Women’s Circles to celebrate with during the month, one on one clients to delightfully share time with, a workshop to plan for in January and at the core a business to facilitate. In the back of my simple mind, I hear the chant “keep it simple”, my favorite mantra!! It always reminds that doing stuff one chunk at a time to the best of my ability is just perfect.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” ~Henry David Thoreau

So, today I chunk out rising to face technology challenges – teaching this ole girl new tricks, so I can reach out to the world. This is both scary and exciting!! Mailchimp here I come! Youtube, you are next!! Then there is the organizing of the materials and videos for the 21 Day Transformational Detox!! Whoo Hoo, “We have only just begun…”!! As the business grows and I can afford it, I shall gleefully hand over the technology pieces to someone who really knows what they are doing and it is their passion. Patience, perseverance and time.

It has been my experience throughout the years as I have worked with people that often someone has this amazing dream that they are quite passionate about. They talk about, lighting up with excitement and joy. Yet, they never take action. Why? When asked, there is always the excuses, time, money, know-how, and most importantly energy needed to manifest. What some people do not realize is that as you step towards your dreams your energy begins to skyrocket, for nothing is more exciting than doing what you love! The other missing truth, is that you accomplish it one step at a time – one chunk at a time. The dreamer looks out at the BIG picture and says internally, “How can I ever accomplish that?” I encourage every dreamer out there to break it down, one bite size piece at a time. What happens next is the miracle aspect, things start to flow into place, connections occur, answers come, it begins to cooperatively manifest.

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

Do you have a dream that you keep putting on the shelf? Why? Do you know something I don’t, about turning back time? Our time is fragile and fleeting, “If not today then when?” Is your dream possible if you just took one small action step everyday? What could you do today that would move you one step closer and make you feel alive? I invite you to stop falling prey to your distractions, addictions, and excuses, tomorrow is already here!!

May today be full of successfully chewed up chunks, leaving you a sense of accomplishment and excitement for what is next on the adventure of your life. A.C.T. (always choose truth) with conviction towards that which you dream to create, experience and share!

2 thoughts on “Day 36, “One Chunk At A Time…”

  1. Oh, such a timely reminder. I find myself also overwhelmed, excited and scared by my big ambitions – writing, teaching, flying – so today, I’m here on my blog (and yes I got a bit distracted by you 😉 lol, but today I will write. One sentence if that’s all that comes out. But one will do. Thank you.

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