Day 31, Mind, Body, Spirit – they are a team!!

As those who follow me know, I have been into health and fitness since I was fifteen. Over the thirty-seven year journey the health and body connection has only intrigued me more and more. In my early twenties, I took it upon myself to really get serious, for I had gradually put on weight over the course of years. When I looked in the mirror I did not like what I saw and more importantly I knew I was not as healthy as I could be. At the time I was a live-in-aid for my great grandma, so I had to schedule my workouts around her care. I started out slowly, keeping documentation of everything I ate, a log of my workouts, and a journal of my feelings. I cut out pictures of women to inspire me, gluing them down to the pages of my daily record keeping. I stayed consistent and true, daily building up my cardio and weight routine. I lost 45 pounds and went from a size 13/14 down to a 6/8. Thirty-seven years later I can joyfully say that except for two pregnancies, I have maintained my size and health throughout the years.

Staying healthy is not just about what you eat, or how you exercise, it is also about how you love or don’t love yourself!! The body, mind, and spirit are intricately woven, they must all be taken care of if you want to truly transform. Due to my fascination and passion about health, I have studied, researched and experimented over the years with diverse ways of exercising, eating, and taking care of the whole being. I have always used myself as the guinea pig tester, before telling others to try something. I grew to understand that what worked for me, most certainly did not necessarily work for another. That is why I fell in love with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007, their philosophy embraces that every human is bio-individual with unique needs. In addition they explore the WHOLE being, not just the physical health – Over a hundred different diet and nutrition philosophies are shared during their Health Coach certification and they present information that is pivotal to all areas of life (Circle of Life) – view and download from my website

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” ~Dalai Lama

As I have coached and guided people over the years I have become sincerely aware of the mind, body, spirit connection. As a client has grown in the area of self-love which involves the mind and spirit, they have naturally begun to take better care of the body. As they take better care of the body, the mind and spirit shift. There truly is no separation between the intricate connection of these three self aspects – one feeds and inspires the other. I have met many people who focus on just exercise, while they lose weight and feel better, they remain unhappy in mind and spirit. Personally, I rather have the package deal!!

“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” ~Thomas Jefferson

As a health coach and truth guide I blend the power of the three – Body, Mind, and Spirit. I believe that our truth is to be healthy, happy, and passionate about life. As a society we like to box things, put them in categories, so that we can “control” them. I always find this amusing for it never really works, everything is connected. So a weight loss plan without mind and spirit support, will cycle back around to the weight going back on – yo-yo dieting and sabotage. You can feed the mind all you want, for years and years, gather degrees and titles, however you will not get to enjoy them for long if you do not take care of the body and spirit. Spiritual practice and awakening is a glorious thing, personally I am not inclined to be inspired by someone spiritually if they are not a glowing example of what they preach, thus they must be of sound mind and body, healthy and happy. So our box marketing of putting weight loss gimmicks out there or education independent of health, or spiritual pursuit separate from our physical and mental well-being does not make sense to me. All the makeup in the world will not make me glow with healthy beauty. Being “skinny and fit” will not imbue me with zest and passion for life. Our being is an intricate woven package deal, each aspect overlays onto the other, enhancing or polluting. Just think about your favorite athletes, you know they train physically, however I can promise their drive and passion come from their mind and spirit.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” ~Buddha

What an amazing creature we are! Incredible in our complexity and abilities. I celebrate the wholeness we are and how magnificently we are designed, for it all works together in the most divine way. Today may you take a moment to look in the mirror to truly be in gratitude for the amazing person before you. Isn’t it incredible? Day in and day out that body gets you around, every moment your mind is busy getting you from point A to B, and your spirit supports what is and what can become. The triad of pure grace in action!!

A.C.T. (always choose truth) today with self-love for in doing so, you shall find yourself more open, patient and kind to all others.

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