Day 28, Believe….

I believe in fairytales, I believe in love, I believe in abundance, I believe in joy, I believe in peace, I believe that ANYTHING is possible. That old teaching that nothing is “Impossible” for the word itself says “I’m Possible”!!
Why have I never grown out of believing? Why has the world not beaten it out of me? Do I live within my mind in a pollyanna dream? I suppose in some ways I do, for I choose to believe that life is unfolding perfectly, that all is beautifully woven to help me grow and become everyday.
“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I look around at people and still within every soul I see a magnificent being – full of joy, love, and grace in action. All anyone has to do is remember that truth. Go back inside to the unconditionally loving child you were born as.., yep, when you born, you had none of the thoughts that keep you walled off from others. As a babe everyone was a possibility to experience love. You expressed yourself freely and authentically, until someone started to tell you how you should be acting, what was right or wrong, and who you should trust. We all received the “great pleasure” of being domesticated and trained like the family pet (parents do not take this personal). Here is where we got lost as we grew, we forgot that we are at CHOICE!! Unlike the family pet, we have CHOICE! Yes, today you are at choice! In this moment you are at choice!! What do you want to believe? How do you want to live? What do you want to feel?
I am a simple woman who enjoys the grace of pure sweet authentic connection. I do not require grand things to be awed, for in actuality I am wowed by the unbelievable beauty of a sunset, a falling star, a surrendered kiss. I dance in awe at the perfection of seasonal change, the earths ability to renew and awaken. I marvel at the power of a sincere touch, the vibrancy of an uninhibited dance, the clandestine voice of the undiscovered singer, the miracle of birth and the grace of death. There is nothing to believe in for me, unless there is the love and joy to share in connection with others. I can own all the magnificent homes and material goods of the world, but unless I can share them with others, they hold no meaning for me.
“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” ~Martin Luther
Thus I believe in the emotional adventure we share. Life is a hollow experience unless we attach an emotion to its journey – think about that. I can kiss my lover, but unless I choose to kiss him with the emotion of love, it holds no experience. The celebration party is no fun, unless I choose to emotional engage with joy, laughter, and pure delight. The love I feel for my child is what I choose to experience, what I ache to perpetuate. Life has meaning because we give it meaning! If we give it meaning, we also take it away, denying ourselves joy, love, peace, and grace. We CHOOSE.
There is the teaching that I have heard and read over and over again throughout time – “what we focus upon becomes more”! Well of course it does, for that is where our emotional attention is going, so therefore it expands. While my life has been this grand adventure up mountains, down into valleys, through thick forests, and open fields, it has blessed me all the way. As I sit here watching the sun awaken the pond near my home and listen to the call of Mallard, Wood duck and Canadian Goose, I am held captive by the moment, awed by the wonder that daytime always comes – it means I am alive, I am here, I get to celebrate all that the day will share!!
“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” ~Jim Henson
There is so much we can CHOOSE to BELIEVE, it is limitless. I know what I enjoy believing in, for it fills me with faith, with trust, with authentic love and joy. This is the emotional path I choose, for even in the challenges I can feel the grace, the opportunity to learn and grow. All of it is a gift. Yes, I will continue to believe in love, in fairytales, in abundance, in anything is possible. As I believe and celebrate in gratitude, all fear is washed away.
Do not just take my word on this, read the fine wisdom of James Allen in “As A Man Thinketh” published in 1903. I know I am very grateful that Einstein believed, Edison, George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, and the list of believers goes on and on.., oh I almost forgot, Cinderella too!!
“We are born believing. A man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
I invite you today, what emotional way do you wish to feel, what beliefs do you wish to choose – your life is YOUR DANCE, YOUR EXPERIENCE. A.C.T. (always choose truth) with belief that what you feel is yours to choose, as is what you believe in…

4 thoughts on “Day 28, Believe….

  1. heathercaveney

    You reference a quote about “what we focus on brings more.” I’m wondering how you would compare or contrast that to the saying: “what we resist, persists.” My understanding of the resist-persists is, for example, if I’m stressed about a task or something I need to get done….but am avoiding it because of Fear, etc….then I can’t really ignore or avoid it. Because I resist dealing with/addressing it……it keeps it forefront in my mind. No release/relief from the stress or anxiety or fear. Interesting!


  2. Yes, that quote is powerful one, for me since the resists – persists creates a negative feeling and sensation in my being, I choose to focus on the feeling I will have once the “project” is complete, seeing it already done in my mind’s eye. Holding the negative emotion compounds, as does holding a positive emotion, both driven by what we are thinking/focusing upon. Fear is a powerful “noticing”, not the emotion I choose to build up, for most often it is “False Evidence Appearing Real” (fear). My terminology about those “projects” that I might resist is “I get to do it” versus “I have to do it”, makes it all feel different. All comes down to what do I want to feel??


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