Day four… No Regrets… What If???

Yesterday was a day full of amazing connections, opening doors, and pure raw potential. Planting more seeds along the path of serving my purpose. Gratitude gushed from within, bubbling over with awe and wonderment. The sensation of gratitude is truly one that warms the body, mind, and spirit, it seems to open the portal for all kinds of experiences to flow in and out. There are two quotes from Tony Robbins that come to mind, the first being that when one is in the energy of gratitude, fear cannot live – I find this to be delightfully true. The loving sensation of gratitude washes away all fears and expands out into the infinite ethers. The other quote is closely connected, if ones chooses to focus on appreciation for all that is, the dissatisfaction with attachments and expectations shifts. Try them both, close your eyes and start feeling gratitude about something in your life, experience the expansion, allow it to take over your whole being. Isn’t it grand? Then try appreciating what is, appreciate that you have a home, that your kids are doing their best, that we live in a safe place, etc… The energy of appreciation and gratitude literally clear out the discontent of expectation and attachment. The “feeling” becomes quite addictive!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~ William Arthur Ward

What will today bring? I am curious, and look to it with wonder and openness. They say that “what you focus on becomes more”, so I shall focus upon the abundance of students coming forth for my classes, clients stepping forward to embrace a healthier way of living, and opportunities to speak and write flowing in. When or how these come to be, well that I get to surrender to with trusting faith.

I find myself being driven by two underlying thoughts the last couple of days, “what if” and “regret”. Life is finite, we truly do not know how long we shall live, so the BIG question is “how are we living all our precious moments?” Let’s look closer at “regret”, the picture that got painted for me by one of the speeches I was listening to stated, “you’re on your death bed, gazing up at people who represent all of the dreams you did not go for. You were the only person who could bring these dreams into fruition, they were dreams unique to you. The dreams look down at you asking “why”, why did you not manifest us? Why did you not go for it? Now they have no choice but to die with you, never to be brought into reality, lost forever. Think about this, “what if” your favorite singer/band had given up on their dream? “What if” Thomas Edison had given up, letting his failures shut him down? “What if” the Wright brothers had stopped trying? “What if” your favorite actor or athlete had never persisted? “What if” the farmer gave up on his crops because it was just too hard? I think you get the idea. What are the “what ifs” that you are not going for? How many dreams will stand beside your death bed wishing you had been brave enough to go for it? What will you be remembered for? These are the thoughts that propel me. I don’t want to look back and wonder “what if” I had tried to do that! I don’t want to regret that I let life pass me by and now it is too late. I want to be remembered as the one who danced, not the one who sat on the sidelines watching. I am fueled by my son’s celebratory high five as I sign up a couple more students and my daughters gracious acceptance to work around crazy weekend schedules. My friends and family cheering me on with their love and faith, inspire me to keep reaching for the stars. Make no mistake, how we live our lives is being watched and observed, not just by the people we know, but by all who are exposed to our presence.

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Well, in trying to stay true to short entries and the reality that my workout clothes await me, I close this writing for today. I take the time for one more deep quiet breath of gratitude, to say a HUGE thank you to YOU, for YOU are why I am here in the quiet hours of the early morning. I bid you farewell until tomorrow, hoping you leave no “what if” unexplored today. A.C.T. (always choose truth) as you step forth into the grace of this day.

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