The Journey Begins….

Hello my dear blog followers. It has been a long time since I last came to the page, WOW can a lot happen in seven months. Instead of digging into the blow by blow story of the past seven months, I decided to really put myself on the line as a writer, to literally “walk my talk”. The name of my business is “Walking Naked Truth”, what exactly does that mean, for me it means that the most amazing freedom resides in living and being our truth, our naked, raw, vulnerable, exposed truth. Stepping forward everyday, in all our moments being our true authentic selves. So, how will this show up on the page? Monday through Friday, you will hear from me, it will be short, which is a challenge for me, yet it seems that most people do not have time for anything of length and depth anymore – so short, sweet, raw, naked, truth – what I feel in the subconscious 3:00am hour about my journey.

Today is about setting the stage, letting you into my life through the words upon this page. It is presently 3:29am, I set the alarm for 2:55am, I think tomorrow it shall be 2:45am, so I have a few more minutes to be on the page and in the journal before I head to the gym for the 5:15am to 6:45am workout. Then it is time to race home, make my daughter lunch, run her to school and come back to push myself, believe in my dream, and step with all I got towards its manifestation. It is time for discipline, perseverance, determination, and focused intent.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

What is my truth today? In this moment I battle the fears and limited belief teachings. I struggle with the inner voices that judge, they parrot the outside worlds perspectives with regard to my present situation. I sit with a small light and candles encircling the dark space of the early morning. I can feel my insides churning, do I have what it takes, can I face the discomfort and feeling of exposure to send these words out into the airwaves? I sit on the line of fear versus excitement, for as we step into our purpose and passion a fire starts to ignite, excited to be doing what fills your heart and soul, yet terrified to fall flat – it is that grand juxtaposition sensation, fear of failure, fear of success.

The black and white truth with no emotion is that I am broke financially. I am desperately trying to build my business as an interpersonal experiential facilitator, health coach, writer and motivational speaker. When I shared with you last I was in a similar space, gradually making some headway, then love swept me off my feet. I left it all, I stopped, I dropped the page, the coaching, the facilitating, I just kept one small powerful  Women’s Circle going. I stepped off into an abyss that was unknown to me, a life where I was “taken care of and supported” by a generous man. What happened is its own story, what I wish to share and touch here in this blog is not the past per se, but how we can limit, stay stuck, avoid our truth, and deny our purpose.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ― Heraclitus

My truth is that I must shamefully admit that I have been here before, more than once, each time giving up, letting fear win. This time, I look to this page, my workouts, my clients, my workshops/classes, and opportunities to speak, as my rudder to fully embrace my passionate truth. As in Brene Brown’s book, “Rising Strong”, I choose to rise up in the arena, not sit on the sidelines of life. Thankfully many souls before me and today role model for me this grit, tenacity, conviction, and passion – you and I would not have a lightbulb, computer, airplane, car, etc…if someone had not had a dream and vision, a truth I cling to in my weak moments.

I conclude for today, tune in tomorrow for what happens next in the journey to “Walk  my Naked Truth” – will it be a day facing fears, celebrating successes, climbing mountains of judgment…?? We have one life, its finite, not infinite. Until tomorrow – A.C.T. (Always choose truth)!!

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins….

  1. Bette Caveney

    Oh my, Fawn. You are amazing to get up before 3:00am and lay your soul bare for all to read. God be with you on your journey to find/expose the truth. Don’t know what to say, but I plan to follow along. Maybe this will help me move forward into the rest of my days with more hope and understanding of what’s good for me and my friends. Even to tell the real friends from the false. Till tomorrow, then. Stay strong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bette, what a treat and precious gift to have you journey along with me. I feel that we all seek to be seen and understood, often finding solace in the authentic journey of another – I hope that my “adventure” will some how touch others to step, to choose themselves and a life uncommon. Thank you for sharing, it truly means a lot!!


  2. heathercaveney

    And I was proud of my 5:15 AM wakeup!! But my medley is a bit different….workout, shower, then journal time before breakfast and off to work! Journaling is so HELPFUL. Love youl


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